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Balm-of-Gilead wanted

Popular buds, Balm of Gilead

Mar 23rd, 2013

Hi all, We are currently looking to get a good amount of Popular buds, before they open for the season. Hoping for a harvest of 5-10 or more lbs dried or frozen if close enough for short ship. The best … Continue reading

chaga_ad offering


Mar 12th, 2013

Whole raw white birch Chaga. Min 50 pound orders for wholesale prices but will also sell smaller amounts.

goldenrod-flowers offering

Dry Golden-rod flower tops

Jul 26th, 2012

Use this for brewing, tincturing, or tea. Contact me for prices and min order. Goldenrod Tea Benefits: Goldenrod infusions can be used topically to treat eczema, skin irritations and arthritis. Goldenrod is often used to treat inflammation and muscle spasms … Continue reading

nettleseed offering

Stinging Nettle seed, superfood

Jul 26th, 2012

Winston and Kuhn specify Nettle seed as a trophorestorative for the kidneys, and I believe they may also serve the same function for the adrenals as well. Dried seed, when taken (chewed well, or ground) orally, promotes a sense of … Continue reading

IMG00450-20120713-1542 offering

Dried willow leaves for tea, 2lbs.

Jul 19th, 2012

Chinese medical texts dating from 500 BCE recommended its use for these conditions, as did the ancient Greeks and Romans. Europeans seem to have discovered its properties almost by accident during the mid-1700s. Worldwide, there are hundreds of willow species; … Continue reading

pine-pollen offering

BC Pine Pollen

Jul 15th, 2012

Experience the abundance of one of the world’s most powerful medicinal, nutrient dense substances on the planet. This pine pollen has been wild-harvested from the beautiful forests of BC and processed by hand.Loaded with phyto-androgens, plant precursors to human androgens (sex … Continue reading

labrador-tea offering

Labrador tea

Jul 8th, 2012

4 pounds of leaf only labrador tea wildcrafted from NWT this spring. use it in brewing, gourmet cooking, or as a narcotic tea / smoke. Make an offer on the price, there was a fair amount of labour in harvesting … Continue reading