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  • Harvester Ads are offering Ads for selling wild products
  • Trader Ads are wanted Ads for requesting specific wild products
  • Tycoon Ads are for rallying harvesters to a specific location
  • Rules, Tips & tricks for learning how to harvest for profit
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Where to Harvest

Are you a buyer of wild products looking to rally harvesters to a buying station? Post a free ad for your buying station here.


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Q: I’m not from Canada – can I still use your site?

A: Wildtrader is available to anyone in any country but for now, ads can only be assigned to regions within Canada.  International regions are part of our development plan.


Q: How do I upgrade my account upgrade to a Trader account or a Tycoon account?

A: We’re working on a system for you to be able to do this yourself but in the meantime, you can contact us to request an account upgrade.


Q: How do I edit/delete my ads?

A: To view all of your posted ads, click on “My ads” in the top right of your screen. From there you can delete individual ads.

You may edit ads that you’ve posted from anywhere the ad appears on the website. To do this, simply place your mouse cursor over the part of the ad that you want to edit and click on the orange edit button that appears.



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