Pacific Rim Mushrooms is looking for Harvesters for the upcoming morel season.

This summer we will be heading to western Canada.  Morel mushrooms generally grow the year after a forest fire.

Job is not easy and is similar in fitness level to tree planting.

Swap the shovel for a blade and a tree bag for a bucket.




You need wheels! Ive been getting a lot of messages from people without vehicles… not going to work.


How does the pay work? (Hourly, per pound etc) 

Per pound, cash, paid daily


How much money is it possible to make in a season?

Most new people made 200 – 1000 per day last season. Season lasts from 30  – 80 days. Yes. It varies that much – depending on you


 Are we responsible for providing our own supplies or do you provide any?

Bring your own everything.. camp gear, water, picking gear, etc etc…VEHICLE!


 How long does the season usually last?

30-80 days

Start is june first give or take a couple weeks.

Seasons have gone into September but is rare..


 When will it start:

Since this is wild mushooms the exact date isn’t known.

Usually it starts june 1. But this year is warm so im guessing very early May. The best pickers come out a week early to scout the grounds…


 stuff to bring – not all are essential:

Gas cans


Bear spray

Bug spray

Good boots


GPS if you can

Water, dried foods (water containers)

2 Buckets each at  least -essential

external frame backpack

camping gear and cooking equip

knife for cutting morels

bungie cords for hold baskets on frame pack


Because we do get many emails we will be creating group emails as many of you have the same questions. most likely the group emails will start in March. You dont need to send a resume. everyone will be hired. you can work as hard as you want.


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